Building London 1-50 index

[1] Visit to Swelltor granite quarry in Devon – abandoned corbels for 1901 London bridge widening
[2] Visit to Foggintor granite quarry in Devon – used for Nelson’s Column and more
[3] Devon granite from 1830s London Bridge at Pickets Lock Sports/Leisure Centre
[4] Visit to Lamorna quarries and port – granite used in County Hall and The Embankment
[5] Visit/ row across Trolvis quarry! Granite used in Westminster Cathedral and old Waterloo Bridge
[6] Visit to another Cornish granite quarry with abandoned stone maybe bound for The Embankment
[7] Visit to Cheesewring quarry. Granite from here used in Tower, Lambeth and Westminster bridges
[8] Visit to Kennall Vale quarry – granite possibly used in Embankment works in 1928
[9] Visit to Luxulyan quarry – granite used in Rennie’s London Bridge, British Museum, Crystal Palace
[10] Mile End Lock rubble wall from 1820
[11] Penryn old port where much of the granite used in London was exported from
[12] Visit to Kit Hill quarry – granite used to build Battersea Bridge
[13] Mediaeval bricks at Sutton House in Hackney
[14] Visit to Totternhoe quarry – chalk or clunch used for building in medieval London
[15] Visit to Beer chalk mine – this stone used in Roman and medieval London
[16] Visit to Chwarel Trefor – granite setts from here almost certainly used massively in London
[17] The Notting Dale Kiln – pottery kiln, tiles, drain pipes etc and maybe previously brick kiln
[18] Natures Throne – a Cornish granite ‘henge’ in Hackney the base of a 19thC team pump
[19] Crystal Palace dinosaurs and their origin in the old City of London and Normandy
[20] The mediaeval and maybe Roman walls at Huggin Hill in the City
[21] Upper Watergate Street in Deptford – maybe the oldest existing street surface in London!
[22] The shiny blue iron slag scoria bricks of Teeside at Stepney Green
[23] Visit to the John Watson Building Stones Collection at Cambridge
[24] Kentish Ragstone introduction – a very well used stones in Roman and mediaeval London
[25] Visit to Kentish Ragstone quarries near Maidstone
[26] Granite Setts at the Middlesex and Essex Filter Beds
[27] Historic road setts in Lamerton and Albury Roads in Deptford
[28] Granite roadway and setts at Three Mills at Bromley by Bow
[29] Visit to Bardon Hill and it’s enormous quarry
[30] Old London Bridge – from 1209 – Part 1
[31] Old London Bridge Part 2 .. where did it end up!
[32] Old London Bridge stones at Beaumont Quay on the Essex North Sea coast
[33] Old London Bridge stones at Wandsworth Common
[34] Old London bridge stones at Ingress Abbey – maybe
[35] Old London Bridge stones at Ingress Abbey – The Cave of the Seven Heads
[36] The gorgeous Guildhall Crypts
[37] The mystery of the stones of Three Mills Island
[38] The alcoves of the mid-18thC London Bridge at Victoria Park, Guys and in East Sheen
[39] Collyweston slate and the Guildhall roof
[40] Visit to the Collyweston slate mine in Northants
[41] London’s yellow stock brick
[42] The clay that burns! The Fletton ‘London Brick’ from Bedfordshire
[43] An unusual wall, of very ‘old’ stones in Homerton – setts, cobbles and boulders!
[44] Visit to the Ancaster ‘streaky bacon’ quarries
[45] Ancaster stone in the Clapton Round Chapel
[46] Ancaster stone in the old Hackney Central Library
[47] A balustrade of the 18thC London Bridge at Gilwell Park. Or not!
[48] More London Bridge granite at Waltham Abbey
[49] Pulhamite: An intro and a visit to Broxbourne
[50] Pulhamite Cascades at Battersea Park

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