2: Foggintor Quarry

Foggintor Quarry is a sister quarry to Swelltor [ see previous blog post ] . I can find nowhere a suggestion of the meaning of Foggintor but it seems like it would refer to the dreadful mists or fogs that descend on Dartmoor even in the height of summer. So beware! https://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/enjoy-dartmoor/planning-your-visit/safety-advice-for-outdoor-activities
Foggintor seems to have been started in the late 18thC [ see the amazingly informative Legendary Dartmoor website https://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/foggintor.htm ] and while it seems likely that it’s granite was used for the New London Bridge, and Victoria Embankment, along with other Dartmoor granites, it is know for definite it was used for Nelson’s Column, built between 1840 and 1843. https://www.victorianlondon.org/buildings/nelson.htm
One of the reasons it took so long to build was an 8 months strike of stone masons in 1841/2, apparently both in London AND back on Dartmoor, in solidarity! The solidarity action led to shortages of stone in London, the work being done by strike breaking masons! [ and see http://www.unionancestors.co.uk/352-2/ ]

Nelson’s Column under construction From http://www.unionancestors.co.uk/352-2/

In an early piece of skulldugery it seem that the owners in the 1840s passed off Foggintor granite for apparently superior Haytor granite to sell to builders! https://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/foggintor.htm

The quarry ceased production in 1906.

Legendary Dartmoor also states Foggintor was the setting for the 1931 Gainsborough “Hound of the Baskervilles!”

Remains of what was a large collection of buildings including a chapel
Tramway stones, though old maps don’t mark these as tramways so they could have been removed from defunct tramways and used here on what is now a farm track.

Foggintor has a bit or a reputation for a wild swimming venue as here https://wildwomanswimming.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/foggy-foggintor/and here https://swimminghappyinmyskin.com/tag/foggintor/ and a quick reminder of the danger so swimming in quarries!

Finally the Variscan Coast website is fantastic for the geology of the granites of the South-West including Foggintor! https://variscancoast.co.uk/foggintor-quarry

Travel: See previous post on Swelltor

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