3: London Bridge @ Picketts Lock!

When John Rennie’s London Bridge of 1831 was famously sold to an American in the late 1960s to be later rebuilt at Lake Tavasu in Arizona, not all the bridge made the journey back to Devon whence it had come, then across the world to Arizona. Some of the bridge still stands on the south side and can be seen at Montague Place while other stones have ended up dotted around London, and beyond the M25, and keep checking back as I will cover them all!
And one large block of granite from London Bridge now stands at the bus stop at the Picketts Lock Sports and Leisure Centre in the Lea Valley Park several miles north of London Bridge as the crow flies. It’s just off Meridian Way and a number of other blocks are actually on the Greenwich Meridian near Waltham Abbey.
This one is inscribed “This stone commemorates the opening of the Picketts Lock Centre by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on 13th June 1973″
and “This block of granite was formerly a keystone of the London Bridge which spanned the River Thames from 1831–1968
I’m not a geologist but the granite appears to be the Cornish or Devon granite due to the obvious large ‘megacrysts’ or crystals.

Getting there:
Public transport – get a train to Ponders End and it’s a 15 minute walk down Meridian Way

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